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About Joel

‘I love the colours, textures, materials and forms in man-made structures and environments, and the challenge of finding the best ways to represent them in paint. I want to place focus on the atmosphere, energy and beauty of seemingly commonplace scenes by trying to understand the nuances that make them interesting or evocative, and emphasising them to convey mood to the viewer. Painting is my way of appreciating the beauty in the environments we have created for ourselves, paying homage to those who have designed and built them, and making my own small contribution’.

Joel Cable (aka Mr_NightSky) was interested in painting and drawing from a young age, and spent many of his earlier years copying drawings from Mad magazine as practice. He earned his Bachelor’s of Fine Art (Painting Drawing and Illustration) from the University of Utah in 2002, where he won 1st place for the painting Belt Route in the graduate exhibition. He has held various professional roles as an artist, including illustrator and designer for a tourism company covering the mid-western United States, and layout artist and product stylist for a London based lifestyle magazine. He has done numerous commissioned oil paintings for both private and corporate clients. Other projects have included logo design and branding, CD and T-shirt illustration/design, children’s book illustration and tattoo design.

Joel is also deeply involved in art education, working as an Assessment Designer of Art & Design, Drama and other creative subject qualifications for one of the UKs largest examination and awarding organisations, Pearson UK. He lives in London and works from his home studio. Since October 2015, he has been broadcasting his painting and drawing sessions live on Twitch creative at twitch.tv/mr_nightsky. You can see more of hs work at www.joelcable.com.